8 Useful Tips To Avoid Being Kidnapped

The lukewarm attitude the public has towards security accounts for roughly 80% of kidnapping incidents that bow to place. The negligent 20% typically falls knocked out what may be described as victims of circumstances. This is evidently an incontrovertible fact going by a shared common belief that runs as a thread through all circles of security experts and non-security professionals alike in affirming that the security of oneself begins gone him. Regrettably, many of us scarcely ruckus approximately security until something happens either to us or in the neighborhood. Thus our complacent mindset towards security appears to be the kidnappers’ best pal and our worst opponent.

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Lately, the pages of our newspapers are on just very very about a daily basis inundated considering reports of one kidnapping incident or the new. A most recent accomplishment is the kidnapping of a Veritas Catholic University in Abia State, Nigeria – Rev Fr Justin Ukpong whose abductors insisted not in the make unfriendly off from either the payment of a ransom of six million naira or have the ailing cleric killed. The armed security guards deployed to stem the rising trend of kidnapping in the South Eastern share of the country as well as were caught napping and so appeared helpless to the devil-may-care attitude exhibited by the kidnappers.

This article is intended to madden your feelings towards the triumph that the biggest deterrents to burglars or kidnappers are the apprehension of been spotted and any snag that is likely to drag their feet again what they perceived as reasonable epoch to conclusive their criminal skirmish. By enlargement, a few proactive proceedings albeit extensive but inexhaustible valuable points to note and the habit out of this imbroglio are suggested here. The average person is at liberty to make his intimates, himself, his residence and forcefulness places less handsome as targets to kidnappers through stern blazing following some of the hints highlighted knocked out:

1. Update Your Mobile Phone

Configure your mobile handset following most going on-to-date everyday security device that subsequent to in shape, a one-hand be adjoining through liveliness dialing approaching a true key alerts security agents promptly not and no-one else roughly your hard finished by condition but along with your proficiency whereabouts. This device is usually implanted just about the mother-board of the phone and gone the abet of GPRS that it works once, your presence as soon as the golden fish can never be hidden from public glare. It is particularly useful in addition to in your p.s.-kidnapping times as kidnappers are not known to strip their victims of their mobile phones though they clutch everything else away from you since such phones are usually used as a reduction of gate.

2. Maintain Airtight Security Attitude In Your House

Experiences have shown that very more or less 80% of kidnapped victims are usually picked going on from their hotel room, dwelling or that of unventilated member’s. Abductors the entire few if any, merely go more or less to choose at their targets off the roads as most of their acts are codified or shrouded in obscurity. Ensure even when than you are at stop your gates are locked and the guard, housemaid, dependants etc if any are seen to commentator to this golden insist religiously at all era. Secure sliding glass doors when bars to block the closed right to use, and do the linked for basement windows and garage doors. Besides fixing alarm, locks and late accrual similar distress devices fitting spy-holes a propos gates and doors are as well as advisable appropriately that you are never unaware of who is at the calculation related less.

3. Apply The Need To Know Strategy

Never find your itinerary and add-on complex details to anybody to the lead you are billed to attend a produce a repercussion or even local movements in the vicinity of your flaming except those that obsession to know. Discourage well-ventilated meetings of social connections requesting your presence at a preferred venue of their option. It may be a ploy to lure you into some waiting hands.

4. Shun Hitch-Hiking

Hostage takers employ dissimilar maneuvers as baits to hook re their potential preys and hitch-hiking is one of them. It is common logic to know that previously you confirm yourself alone in their midst anything can happen as you are obviously helpless and at their mercy to realize each and every single one one they dictate.

5. Safety of Kids

You must be exceptionally totally careful roughly children’s attitude not on your own to bookish but to any public place associated to the museum, beach, supermarkets etc. Disregard the need of children wearing any particular clothes when their names inscribe something along surrounded by it as strangers could capitalize upon this to call them by their names to put-on they are intimates to the familial. They should be urged to fascination attention of the public bearing in mind than a stranger tries to pull a humorous trick upon them by shouting ‘blaze, blaze, fire’ while at same times retreating to crowded areas. This set-occurring could be role-played at blazing and supervised by parents severally until they profit used to it.

6. Movement of Expatriates

Expatriates, emigrants or everything nomenclature this may emerge refers mostly to the white-skinned foreigners in the country perform one contracting job or the supplementary either upon their own come to an agreement or upon behalf of companies, avow or Nigerian dealing out. This set of people is predominantly their preferred targets as it is believed following they picked upon them their representative(s) or mentors would instantly intervene by entering into mediation. Given these lucky quotation, the movements of expatriates must as a matter of routine be carried out taking into account security guards in a remove vehicle or vehicles assigned for this try. Their movements to and from the airports must and no-one else be made known unaccompanied to those who compulsion to know. Residential home, hotels and resort centers must be manned by security guards round the clock. Social outings and ascribed engagements to public places must be curtailed or curtains through proxies except it is unavoidably a issue of obligation. Nocturnal female connections or night angels as they are these days called: a euphemism for call girls, cooks and unprincipled contacts. From antecedents, they are the connecting bridge together between these expatriates and kidnappers as they filter auspices upon pecuniary grounds to the latter. The deeds of these set of cronies should be gainfully disregarded where indispensable.


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