Flat Design Vs Flat Design 2.0

Flat design is a web design trend standing for minimalism and cleanness in the website industry. This trend has become popular back 2012, replacing the Skeuomorphism trend – the most popular trend until later. Unlike skeuomorphism, which is characterized by precise-liveliness 3D objects and colorless sore buttons, this design is recognizable for its plain shapes and objects; not generating intensity, dimension or any effects, such as slip shadows, highlights and practicable textures.

The mean of this type of design is users to put their focus vis–vis speaking the content, by providing faster and more sentient fanatic experience. People undoubtedly are associating this trend in the make public of simplicity and cleanliness, objector and colourful.

The biggest advantage is mentioned in the compatibility amid alert design. Users easily embraced the trend because it offered them rushed and easy content admission. They are lithe to use the websites deeply easily and the loading era is faster. Flexible framework – grid is allowing the design to be organized in consistent geometric shapes. This is substitute advantage of this design that allows content to be easily scanned and navigated. When designs dont use shadows in the typography, you as a adherent can retrieve the text every share of easy. The most used typography font that is used is the Sans-Serif font.

Designers exaltation the flat design. They can make beautiful web projects, by using shiny colours and easy typefaces. However, there is one distressed: users were uptight roughly it and didnt know what to reach or how the interface was committed. There was a compulsion for a extra web trend – Flat design 2.0.

While the previous design trend was considered as a lawlessness, the flat design 2.0 is treated as strengthen. It has the associated characteristics of minimalism, but re the toting taking place hand, it adds more subtly skeuomorphic features. Some designers are calling this trend “coarsely-flat” design because they can ensue subtle shadows, highlights and layers. You can think of 2.0 as a quirk to overcome problems joined subsequent to the previous design trend.

Besides accumulation intensity and dimension to icons and illustrations, flat design 2.0 is focusing a propos count large images and videos. Also, the long shadow is a utterly popular technique of flat 2.0. Clicking is simpler: handsome call-to-put it on (CTA) buttons are created subsequent to just outline and text inside. Maybe this is the most necessary feature for the users.

Flat design 2.0 is first mentioned in 2014 to the lead Google relished its auxiliary design language – The Material. This is perhaps the most remarkable example of flat design 2.0. graphic designer

We can conclude that flat design 2.0 is a web design trend, which is loved by both, designers and users too. Its proven that flat 2.0 is a boom in UI design industry. What operate you think will follow? Flat 3.0? Whats your recommendation?

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