Hair Care Tips For Summer

The summer tersely draws our attention towards haircare. The summer sun imparts an adverse effect nearly hair by damaging the hair cuticles thereby posing numerous hair problems in the ventilate of frizziness, teetotal scalp, dandruff, dust, split ends etc. Extra attention should be paid during summers as our tresses require more care in summers.

*During the summer our scalp becomes abstemious. Our hair loses the moisture & becomes fragile & breaks. “Sebum” the natural scalp oil secreted by the sebaceous gland which moisturizes the scalp is decreased during summers. So get sticking together of not shampoos regularly as this will surgically surgically remove moisture & will make them hard & brittle. Use moisturizing & gentle shampoo formulas also than ‘Phytonectar, Phytojoba.’

*If you have split ends & a frizzy millstone, subsequently trim the damaged hair section frequently. Keep a hasty hair style during summers which will let you freak out in the sun.

*The application of SP30 protective sunscreen which is pleasurable for the skin is safe for the hairs, to prevent hair discontinuous in the adopt sunlight.

*Long hair compulsion adjunct care. Do wear a accomplice, hat or see eye to eye an umbrella even if going out in summers. This will guard your hair from the harmful ultraviolet rays of sun.

*The hot wind blows causes the dust hardship & produces dandruff. A regular head bath taking into account detached water, removes the accumulated dust.

*You can smooth lemon re your scalp or apply coconut oil contaminated taking into account camphor ingredients or use gooseberry oil to profit rid off the dandruff.

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*Make plat or knot your hairs to avoid quantity exposure to environment to atmosphere to sun thereby avoiding frizzy hairs & hair tangle.

*Avoid using dryers, indulgent iron, straighter & curler during indulgent summers. Use natural environment abstemious method whenever reachable.

*Restrict the use of colour, bleach & precious hair products as they contain alcohol which dries your hair to a satisfying extent. Use of herbal & natural hair products is advisable then ‘Jojoba oil, Amla oil’. They regain the deprived hair moisture, repair the damaged hair & addition the scalp circulation thereby increasing the hair enhancement.

*Deep condition your hair after all wash.

*Application of Henna dirty taking into consideration reetha & egg for 1 hour gives a gigantic hair conditioning as dexterously as cooling effect to the scalp.

*Do oil daub twice a week. Choose oil according to hair texture e.g:

– For delightful & thin hairs, use lighter oil as soon as almond or sesame oil.
– For gross & thick hairs, use heavier oil as well as olive or coconut oil.
– For intensely damaged hairs use jojoba oil.

*Dink huge quantity of water during the summer. This will hydrate your system & manage to pay for proper health to your tresses.

*Diet should append amla & amla products.

*Before going for swimming dampen your hair to shorten chlorinated water absorption. Do go for a head wash to remove chlorine contents following a pleasing shampoo.


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