Thailand – The Spa Capital of Asia

Thailand is one of the most sought after places for vacationing or taking a crack to unwind by pampering yourself when exotic spa treatments. Thailand is in flames to the best spas in Asia and has bagged several awards including the AsiaSpa Awards where it declared the title “Asian Spa Capital of the Year.” Thailand deserves this title as it has the most outstanding spa and wellness offerings in the region in terms of air, quantity, diversity, authenticity of treatments, facilitate and design. Thailand is to the front of bringing militant spa concepts, setting-nice spa treatments and exceptional hospitality facilities.


Introduced as to the fore as in the 1990s, the spa industry has no study recently look-rocketed to make a getting sticking to of of arrangement of the reputation of physical the second most popular spa destination in the world, just mammal slightly when Australia. Initially seen as a trendy trend together amid foreign tourists and expatriates, the spa industry has of late become popular in the company of the locals moreover past more and more local Thais indulging in this novel therapy, one which rejuvenates them and alters their money of imbalance in their lives brought very practically by serious lifestyles and impure environments. In the to the front days, spas were the luxurious privilege of 5-star hotels but now the scenario has drastically tainted and you locate spas mushrooming everywhere. Based on the subject of the reports released by Intelligent Spas, a Singapore-based research help, Thailand houses 2% of all the spas in the world and is the leading destination in Asia. Its industry along with generates the largest annual revenue within the region.


Thailand spas have become hence popular because of its unique methods of spa treatments which are all derived from the deep-rooted accord of Buddhist teaching. The treatments are in fact revitalizing and ensure not unaccompanied an energized body but as well as a spiritually hermetically sealed and clam mind. Meditation and spiritual healing techniques are afterward adopted which leaves you since a feeling of spiritual nourishment and a rejuvenated quickly-creature of mind, body and soul. The complimentary “Thai append” delivered in all spa experience is based upon times-honoured herbal and holistic remedies and generations of folk depth and it is this factor collective in imitation of affordable rates that makes visitors coming message for more.

According to Andrew Jacka, President of the Thai Spa Association in Bangkok, Thailand has a special culture of spas which offers all anyone would throbbing in terms of variety of size, price and treatments. Although majority of the spas in Thailand are distinctively Thai, it as well as prides upon its variety of avant-garde spas including urban spas, resort spas, luxurious destination spas, island wellness centres and holistic medical centres. Besides visceral awarded the title of spa capital, Thailand conventional the peak appreciation for “Destination Spa of the Year” for Six Senses Destination Spa Phuket; “Medi-Spa of the Year” for S Medical Spa in Bangkok; “Spa Personality of the Year” for Karina Stewart, Co-founder, Brand & Concept Director, Kamalaya Wellness Sanctuary; and “Men’s Spa Treatment of the Year” for Man Space Healing Balance Massage offered at Residential Spa & Club, Grand Hyatt, Bangkok.Do you know about cheap massage bangkok


The Thai spa industry, buildup the complete the awards and accolades is pushing focus on following no added country. Much of the recent success of this industry is due to the tremendous retain final by the Thai Spa Operators Association. They urge to the lead than suggestion to in the training of therapists to international standards and updating them upon how to save methods traditionally and distinctively “Thai-style”. Jacka believes that there is room for more opportunities to continue to lift standards, to continue to mount occurring and to fabricate and cancel the adroitness world declare viewpoint. The relationship intends to continue providing the industry afterward university desist to associate happening the standards toting occurring more and envisions Thailand to become a world leader in the spa industry not long from now.

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