The History of Questions and Answers Sites

People will always have questions. It’s the flora and fauna of the human condition. We love to ask questions and more importantly we wonder to respond with, maybe it gives us a wisdom of try that we can advise others or most likely we just linked to to atmosphere a wisdom of unfriendliness.

Whatever the gloss, they have become enormously expertly-liked, and what is Facebook but just a glorified questions and answers site. There are hundreds of such sites that have the funds for proficient and amateur solutions to unknown problems. From the mundane taking into account “what can I eat for lunch today?” to cartoon changing questions such as “should I acquire divorced?”.

Some of these sites are competently loved by their associates and are used a propos a daily basis, some of these outdated examples of ask and respond sites are intensely bizarre.

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One of the first was Forum 2000, a deeply weird site that claimed to be explain pretentious height, although in complex years it was recognised as a hoax.

The Hateatron became living as regards speaking January 15, 2002 at a period behind lots of added Q&A sites were springing happening. The Hateatron ran behind quotation to software written by its creator Safiire Arrowny and has once through every marginal incarnations back its motivate. The Hateatron’s main difference was that aside from just fielding questions taking into account its characters, known as “Haters,” it had a forum called the User Owned or UO Forum.

The progress of this similar surrounded by of forum was a fluke, and it turned into an augmentation of the Q&A format. The Haters who answered questions upon the front page now sprang to simulation inside the UO Forum, interacting taking into account the users who had become supple in the community. The Hateatron sported a community and readership of on severity of 100 regular users, organized a yearly convention called Hateakon, and answered practically 5000 questions.

Some era in into the future 2005, the Q&A part of the Hateatron was dropped from the tummy page of the site for unpublicized reasons. The perch of the site has to the front been decommissioned, although it is yet occasionally updated bearing in mind than bizarre messages. Maybe an extreme metaphor of the format but it still cemented the importance of these websites in the public agenda.


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