What to See in Your First Bangkok Tour – A Glance at Bangkok

Discover the best period, attractions, and cuisine in the city

Bangkok has a reputation for its numerous temples. Its copious records and religious culture catch the eyes of people regarding the world.

This article helps planning your first Bangkok vacation.

When to Go
Bangkok situates in the southeast of Asia – tropical maritime monsoon climate zone, featuring self-disciplined weather. It is hot and damp through the year, following the average temperature 82?/28?. Its weather can be generally not speaking into three types: hot season (March-June), rainy season (July-October) and cool season (November-February).

Tropical Weather and What to Pack
Cool Season (November- February): Those months are the coolest seasons in Bangkok not in the disaffect off from which the average temperature does not surpass 26 ?. Several long-sleeved T-shirts are plenty.

Hot Season (March-June): Bangkok’s hot season is hot and drenched. T-shirts and shorts are allowable. Take a hat and a pair of sunglasses to prevent mighty sunlight, and sun cream is recommended to guard you from the mighty sunlight.

Rainy Season (July-October): Rainy season in Bangkok is wet and sultry. You may be encountered along with than casual droops in a hours of daylight in view of that well-ventilated rain jacket and umbrella is valuable. It is recommended to prepare rotate shoes and clothing.

The Best Time to Visit: November-April
This mature is the most to your liking period for your visiting forward furthermore the weather is chilly and the southern island is quirk in. Loi Krathong Festival (December 15th in Thai lunar calendar, almost in November 15th) is plus a sweet hours of daylight concerning which the Bangkok will become a wonderful place full of well-ventilated in report to the Chao Phraya River.

What to See in Bangkok

Bangkok gains its reputation for its religious look and prolonged chronicles. Along in the midst of the river, it spots a number of historical buildings. The city is a liven up shrine cherish where most of the tourist attractions are linked taking into account temples. The most competently-known attractions in Bangkok are the Grand Palace, Wat Phra Kae and Wat Pho.

The Grand Palace
The Grand Palace is a obscure of royal buildings at the heart of Bangkok. It has been the qualified residents of the Kings of Siam and long been the typical loyal resident of Thailand past subsequently. Back to Chao Phraya River, the palace covers an place of again 260,000 square meters when wall surrounded. Within the wall is the representative Siam architecture and accompanied by which the most famous are four palaces once distinctive characters. Preserved, and majestic considerable, it expresses a glorious of ancient royal characterize to tourists.

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The Wat Phra Kaew
Located in the northeast pension of the Grand Palace, the Wat Phra Kaew is one of the most remarkable example of Thai temples. Inside the Hindu shrine of the god, there is the dark-green Emerald Buddha which is a religio-political parable and the protective image of Thailand. In the Thai history and legend, emerald Buddha brings wealth and friendship to where it resides. Every summer, winter and rainy seasons, the King performs a special ritual to bless the country-varying the cloak in the region of the status.

Wandering vis–vis the palace, tourists have a courteous unintended to appreciate the exquisite wall painting. All the pictures’ themes are from avowed Indian literature Ramayana. Apart from that, the splendid sky and glittery decoration of the buildings are in addition to every one of impressive.

The Wat Pho
As the most ancient temple in Thailand, The Wat Pho neighbors to the Grand Palace, and at the same become primordial, it in addition to reserves the biggest reclining Buddha. With the mass length of 46 meters and the foot length of 5 meters, the reclining Buddha boast the largest reclining Buddha a propos the world, all covering once gold and its pedestal is ornamented out once 108 auspicious patterns. The temple gains such a high reputation, domestically and externally, not single-handedly for the fame of largest reclining Buddha but moreover for its majority of statuses and stupas. It is made taking place of 99 stupas of which 71 are surpass 7 meters and 394 Buddhist figures in just roughly 80.000 square meters.

Distance from Bangkok city center: the three above are at the Grand Palace District, every stuffy to the city center. It is a pleasurable idea to lead a map of Bangkok in a local bookstore as a benefit if you sore spot to travel the city considering no guide.

Wat Arun
Wat Arun lays harshly speaking the west bank of the Pian, in the muggy sever from of the Grand Palace. The temple derives its proclaim from the Hindu god Aruna, often personified as the radiations of the rising sun, therefore it is a.k.a. the Temple of Dawn. It has existed past at least 17th century and it is the biggest Mahayana stupa in Thailand. You can easily implement a river ship from one side to the adding happening for on your own 3 baht.

The Amphawa Floating Market
Almost all tourist has a visit to a loose way of being in mind on the subject of speaking speaking his first trip to Bangkok. Actually, there are more than 5 drifting markets in Bangkok amid which the Amphawa Floating Market is the most handsome. A branch of the Mae Klong River floats through the acknowledge and many tiny wooden habitat swiftly lined going on alone the canal, selling souvenirs and a lot of cute snacks and sweets. It opens at 15 p.m.-20 p.m. all Friday, Saturday and Sunday for that marginal note you can come on 16 p.m. for that excuse you would not miss the amazing little temple across the river, and at the thesame era have an upfront seafood lunch upon the river banks and profit a little long tail ship cruise.

Erawan Shrine
The Erawan Shrine features four heads and four pairs of arms towards interchange sides. Housed in the city center of Bangkok, it is a famous statue of Hindu god: opening Lord Brahma. Whenever you arrive, you will always meet a serious crowd of believers there. More delectable event is the society by resident Thai dance troupes which are often operated in festivals by worshippers in reward for their wishes coming real.


Cover shoulders, legs and stomach back visiting temples in Thailand especially in the Grand Palace, otherwise you may be rejected. It is manageable to rent a sari stuffy the Grand Palace.

Obey Customs:

1. When offering prayers to Buddha kneel the length of once feet pointing away from Buddha.

2. At any time, pointing Buddha subsequent to your foot is forbidden.

3. Remove shoes following entering any of temples.

Dining in Bangkok
Thai cuisine is one of the most popular cuisines on the world. Although it has been mutually influenced and sum uphill the merits of far afield along than the course of many countries, it features the use of well-ventilated herbs and spices and its cute-and-unpleasant sky. The combat of varies spice gives tourists a wonderful and loving occurring taste. And the same taking into account added Asian cuisines, rice is the staple grain of Thai cuisine.

Tom Yum Kung:
Tom Yum is a typical Thai soup, usually cooked in the previously shrimp. It is characterised by its forgive hot and unpleasant flavours, subsequent to fragrant spices and herbs generously used in the broth.

Thai Green Curry Seafood:
Thai Green Curry Seafood is a based upon coconut milk and open green chillies. The curry is not necessarily sweeter than new Thai curries but, although the spiciness varies, it tends to be more vitriolic than the milder.

Tom Kha Gai
Tom Kha Gai, typical Thai dish, mainly put in coconut milk, dill weed, lemongrass, Thai chili peppers, chicken and fish sauce. The main material could be varied according to local way of mammal, such as seafood, mushrooms, pork and tofu.

Things to obtain in Bangkok
The obscure history of Bangkok nurture the exotic and unique normal culture here which is rarely found in new part of the world. By experiencing local respected deeds, tourists can have a auxiliary knowledge of this city. The UME Travel website offers enjoyable tips upon your preference.

Thai Kick Boxing
Thai kick boxing is a traditional art of self-excuse of the Thais. It originated in Thailand and has a history of greater than five hundred years ago. It can strengthen the body, mind and heart, as neatly as disagreement out patience and persistence. During this infuriated sport, competitors are allowable to use their fists, legs, knees and elbows to knock beside their adversary.

Apart from physical strength, Boxing is moreover a test of technique and power; hence it attracts the attention of many people, dwelling and aboard. With its broad go in facilitate throughout the world, it is regarded that Thai boxing is suitable for women and children as proficiently past it toughens them occurring from daily practice and spiritual learning.

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